Anatoly Chubais hasn’t spent all his stash yet

After Anatoly Borisovich left Russia, information about his overseas movements from time to time pops up in the media or telegram channels. Two weeks ago, he and his companion were photographed at the Tel Aviv airport, having a modest “snack”. In other pictures from the same series, he, like an ordinary passenger, is waiting for his turn to be screened when boarding a Cypriot flight. And these “random” photos, upon closer inspection, do not look so random …

Prior to this, Chubais was photographed in Barcelona, ​​there are pictures from Turkey, Italy … At the same time, they all have one characteristic feature: the oligarch and the billionaire look like a modest layman who does not stand out from the crowd. There is a strong feeling that his entourage is intensively sculpting from him the image of a “unmercenary”, who has been “thinking about Russia” all these years.

The defendant refused the money

In fact, only the most rough idea can be made of the true size of Chubais’s fortune – a kind of Alexander Ivanovich Koreiko, posing as a modest co-worker. Only on the run.

If we continue to follow the analogy with the Golden Calf, then we can recall the story of a cigarette case taken from an underground millionaire full of banknotes, which he easily refused. In the spring of this year, Anatoly Borisovich was summoned to a Russian court as a victim to testify in the case of the theft of his property in the amount of 70 million rubles. However, Chubais ignored the challenge, not deeming it necessary to interrupt his foreign voyages because of such a “little thing”, and then he went to a German clinic altogether.

This fact alone, quoting the same classics, says that “the client has money, and the money, apparently, is huge.”

The lawsuit concerned a mansion in Peredelkino, with an area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters, located on a plot of one and a half hectares, with garages, outbuildings for guests and servants – an almost finished orphanage for a hundred places.

And Anatoly Borisovich, who did not appear in the Russian court, seems to understand that his confiscation, in the event of his meeting with Russian law enforcement officers, is a very real prospect.

Reliable Chelyabinsk boys

It is known that back in May last year, Chubais took care to transfer his elite real estate to residents of Chelyabinsk, closely associated with the South Ural businessman, ex-owner of the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Andrei Komarov. In the Urals, he is known as a philanthropist and public figure. How “cool” he is, says the following fact: in 2014, a criminal case was initiated against him for “attempted commercial bribery.” As a result, Komarov not only managed to “fend off” the persecution of law enforcement agencies and achieve full rehabilitation, but also put a security official in the dock, who was demoted and sentenced to four and a half years for falsifying a criminal case.

Perhaps that is why Chubais “put” on the Ural businessman, as a respected person, moreover, who knows how to “resolve issues” with law enforcement agencies.

The mansion itself is allegedly decorated in the name of a well-known sports figure in the Urals, Maxim Antsiferov, who, according to some sources, is a classmate of Andrei Komarov.

There is evidence that Antsiferov is not the first time to act as the owner of luxury real estate. In December 2021, it was discovered that Antsiferov was allegedly listed as the owner of an elite apartment in the St. Nickolas on Nikolskaya, next to the Kremlin – its cost can reach a billion rubles. According to some reports, this apartment previously belonged to the ex-governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky, who is a defendant in a criminal case on large-scale embezzlement in the amount of 20 billion rubles and is now hiding from justice in Switzerland.

Your own lender

At one time, in order for the inspection authorities not to have questions to Chubais about the construction of the palace in Peredelkino, in 2012, the general directors of the Swiss company “SFO Concept AG” – Oliver Nedelaya and Andre Odermatt, on behalf of Anatoly Chubais, concluded an agreement for 10 about a loan with the Cypriot company O1 Trust Services Limited, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Boris Mints, a longtime “partner” of the director of Rosnano, who allegedly “loaned” Chubais his own funds through this company. At least, such a version exists, and the further actions of Anatoly Chubais, who, being the sole shareholder of the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, until May 2013, received the so-called borrowed funds from the Boris Mintz Company and sent them to Russia for the construction of a residential complex.

As you know, Mints is suspected of withdrawing money from the Russians from the Pension Fund for years and distributing bad loans to his offshore companies in Cyprus through the Otkritie Bank. In 2020, the Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested the businessman and his two sons in absentia. There is a high probability that Mints is still listed as the mortgagee of the house in Peredelkino, and Mikhail Antsiferov, as it were, “took it on a mortgage”. It is difficult to say whether this is true or not, since Rosreestr does not provide data on this transaction.

However, elite real estate in Russia is most likely not the most significant asset of Anatoly Chubais. Back in the summer of last year, information appeared that law enforcement agencies were engaged in checking information about hidden accounts of Chubais, which may be located in European banks. At the same time, according to the investigation, the amount of foreign currency in these accounts can reach several billion.

We can also talk about the so-called “Czech stash” of Anatoly Chubais, which we wrote about back in March last year. Presumably, it was “formed” as a result of the activities of the imaginary Swiss financial group “Falcon Capital”, which was actually established by former citizens of the USSR and is associated with RAO “UES of Russia”. According to our data, at the end of the last century, more than 2.5 billion dollars were transferred to its accounts from Russia to the Czech Republic. If we consider the publications of Czech newspapers of that time, then Czech politicians of the highest rank openly declared that the Russian side was lobbying the interests of this company.

We can also recall plans to create a new state corporation under the leadership of Anatoly Chubais, which the media dubbed Roscarbo here. Allegedly, the new structure was supposed to put the Russian economy on a “green” track, or rather, make it completely dependent on the agenda dictated by the globalists, forcing Russia to spend billions on “environmental” investments instead of investing in the real sector of the economy. Fortunately, this more than dubious project was not implemented, but it is possible that Chubais managed to pump out some funds for it.

A ghost haunts Europe

Let’s return to the movements of Anatoly Borisovich Chubais, who for almost the entire past year portrayed a misunderstood exile with “hidden cameras”.

First, he settled in Turkey, then moved to Italy, where he contracted some mysterious disease, received medical treatment in Germany, then flew to Israel, where, according to some telegram channels, he obtained citizenship …

A snapshot that went around all publications: Chubais with an empty basket in an Israeli supermarket. Sad eyes roam the shelves, apparently in search of discounted goods …

And here is a provincial street cafe in the same Israel. Anatoly Chubais, with his arms crossed on his chest, is sad about the abandoned and ungrateful Russia, which did not appreciate his efforts.

Somewhat overdone, in our opinion, PR people with entourage – a huge piece of fallen off plaster in the foreground, this is still too much …

The purpose of these supposedly “random” pictures is understandable – to cool the ardor of Russians who continue to “thirst for blood”, blaming Chubais for all the troubles, and demand that he be put on the international wanted list. Anatoly Borisovich is a well-known master of “casting a shadow on the wattle fence.” But in this case, it is unlikely that any of the Russians will believe him …