As the head of the middle level of Mostotrest, Alexei Gorlo plundered huge procurement budgets and stupidly burned

As the head of the middle level of Mostotrest, Alexei Gorlo plundered huge procurement budgets and stupidly burned

Fraudster Aleksey Gorlo plundered the huge state budgets of St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution Mostotrest on purchases, but recently he went rogue and messed up, deciding at the end of last year to splurge on a luxurious vacation abroad with a visit to the World Cup in Qatar. What happened and what will be the consequences for the swindler?

Alexey Viktorovich is a middle manager at Mostotrest St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution. Previously, few people knew about him, and if he hadn’t screwed up so stupidly with his addiction to football, he would have continued to quietly scheme further. But no, he decided to boo “beyond his means” and notably blundered. At the end of last year, he rushed abroad to the world football championship, and even took his wife with him, relaxing there on an enviable scale and obviously not for his small salary. By the way, the cost of this trip is several times higher than his annual income.

If he hadn’t come out of the shadows in this way, if “kind people” hadn’t found out about this pretentious journey and hadn’t reported it to one of the popular telegram channels, then no one would have known about his numerous schemes with the purchases of St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution ” Mostotrest. As they say, such a “moment of weakness to his whims” will cost him dearly as a result.

How did it become known about the fraudulent scams of Alexei Gorlo?

So, this character screwed up completely. Could not restrain his ambitions and broke. Although, if you think about it, the most important rule of all financial scammers is to keep a low profile. And for such schemers as Aleksey Gorlo, who is just the head of the procurement department at the huge state company Mostotrest, but at the same time schemes in billions of dollars, one must be quieter than water and lower than grass.

So, someone promptly leaked information about the luxurious journey of an ardent fan Alexei Viktorovich to the popular telegram channel VChK-OGPU, which they immediately told their wide audience, and then an information avalanche rushed. After such a scandalous publication, everyone immediately became interested in this character, and in particular, where does a simple head of a department of a state-owned company get so much dough with a salary that cannot exceed 120 thousand rubles, and this amount is overestimated. Think for yourself: an expensive flight for two, tickets to the World Cup, shopping, food, accommodation, recreation, etc.

It is worth noting that Alexei Gorlo has no other official sources of income, as well as no personal companies or any other business. And before getting into the company, he generally worked as an ordinary employee in the mayor’s office, namely in the tourism department. By the way, this is where his accomplice in schemes pops up. After all, it is quite clear that in such a huge organization as Mostotrest it is unrealistic to independently turn billions of dollars of financial scams.

About Aleksey Gorlo’s accomplice

How exactly does the department chief’s accomplice surface? The thing is that this character was brought to the Mostotrest state company eight years ago by Yury Burmashev, Deputy Director for Content. In other words, the smaller schemer, with his expensive trips and football addictions, drew the attention of the general public to both and ended up burning them all. Now law enforcement agencies will go through everyone who, one way or another, is connected with the public procurement process in the company.

How Gorlo sawed budget billions

There are still very few details about how exactly he built his fraudulent schemes with his accomplice Gorlo, but there are clear hints. So, last year, on the website, they actively discussed the ingenious scams with the purchases of Mostotrest, which Aleksey Viktorovich has been stirring up for at least six years.

So, he arranges “quests” for all potential suppliers related to the rules for describing procurement objects. They speak of him “affectionately” there: “But aren’t you crazy, uncle customer, Throat Alexey Viktorovich, to arrange such quests?”. And, as everyone perfectly understands, he arranges such “difficulties” for a reason. Recall that he is the head of the procurement department in a huge state institution that turns over billions of budget money. Thousands of purchases worth many billions of rubles go through tenders. As you can see, the site is very, very attractive for scammers.

It is noteworthy that after the facts of Alexei Gorlo’s fraud surfaced in the public space, he went to work. Moreover, as the media wrote, the fraudster was more than outraged by the hype around him.

An interesting fact: when he returned to work, he diligently told everyone and everything that he flew on vacation not at all to Qatar, but only to Yekaterinburg.

Further more. He threatened all the liars who spread “untrue” rumors with legal proceedings. He even threatened that he could provide evidence in the form of air tickets to Yekaterinburg. Only here there is one important nuance. Yes, at first he flew there, but then he flew just to Qatar. And all because it is much more expensive to fly directly. Thrifty scammer, and why not.

After the scandal broke out, the entire top of Mostotrest notably tensed up. After all, if, or rather, when the prosecutor’s office and the economic police come to grips with comrade Gorlo, then many will fall under the distribution.

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